The Bastard’s story (Lear. Puppets and people)

Ticket price: HUF 2000

Our story begins at the point in time when the kingdom is already divided between the two daughters of King Lear – Goneril and Regan – by ripping apart their father’s control. Meanwhile Edmund, the illegitimate son of Earl of Gloucester, returns to the kingdom from exile to claim his share of the inheritance.
A following series of insinuations, wrongful accusations and intrigues coming trick and fast end up in destruction, fall and death.
Unlike in the original play the focus of our interpretation is on Earl Gloucester’s sons’ line.
Five actors and five puppets, 20 meters of white paper, 75 minutes of incredible mixture of outstanding acting, physical and puppet theatre will keep you on the edge of your seat.
Malenki Theatre was founded in 1997. Since then the group works in the field of new modern theatre, combining classical literature with innovative and visual art. During its existence, Malenki Theatre has achieved recognition in Israel and overseas and has won many awards and critical acclaim.

Directed by: Michael Teplitsky

Performance of the Malenki Theatre in Israel