Caroll Vanwelden – Shakespeare jazz concert

CAROLL VANWELDEN – Shakespeare jazz concert, Sonnets II.

Members of the band:

Caroll Vanwelden – vocal – piano

Thomas Siffling – trumpet

Mini Schulz – double bass

Rodrigo Villalon – drums

In the last season of the Castle Theatre, the Belgian singer, Caroll Vanwelden, who adapted the sonnets of Shakespeare, and her band already proved their worth. At that time she presented her CD that came out in 2012 and where she sang sixteen Shakespeare sonnets in a specific and unique style.

After the success of her first Shakespeare album, Caroll decided to compose music for sixteen other sonnets, and to select the poems to be put to music from the works of the English poet written to the Dark Lady. Caroll Vanwelden’s CD “Don’t Explain” that came out last year topped the charts in Germany, in the category jazz songs for some months.

Performance: July 4th, 2014, at 6 p.m.

The venue: Museum courtyard