William Shakespeare: Much Ado About Nothing – ALL TICKETS SOLD


Cast: Simon Bubb, Jim Kitson, Gemma Lawrence, Emma Pallant, Sam Phillips, Robert Pickavance, Joy Richardson, Chris Starkie

Set Designer: James Cotterill, Music: John Barber

Directed by: Max Webster

On the 450th anniversary of Shakespeare’s birth, the most broadly influential creator of the theatre history and the drama is commemorated with special events. The Globe Theatre from London has started an international tour on this occasion. The play directed by Max Webster was first presented in London on April 11th and it had a great success. The company arrives in Gyula as a part of their tour through Germany and Austria. This production presented with the great performance of actors, a lot of music and humour has been graded as a five-star performance by many critics. Max Webster is a talented young director, whose works have been recognised by the audience as well as the professional press. His latest direction, the comedy “Much ado About Nothing” is eagerly awaited by the critics and the audience.

Claudio loves Hero, Hero loves Claudio and seemingly nothing can rive the lovers from each other. Claudio’s friend, Benedetto loves Beatrice and Beatrice loves Benedetto, too, but they are too proud to admit it to each other. Only the intrigues and the plots can bring the two lovers together. Benedetto can only prove Beatrice his true love by killing his friend. Shakespeare’s wittiest; most enchanting and most lovable couple can be seen in this comedy. This piece of work is full of love, plots, trickeries and brilliant word fights.

The English language performance of the Shakespeare’s Globe, London with Hungarian subtitles

Performance: July 10th, 2014, at 8:30 p.m.

The venue: Castle Stage

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