William Shakespeare: Macbeth (RU)


Cast: Leonid Alimov, Maria Schulga, Dmitrij Girev, Juri Elagin, Anatolij Dubanov, Alexander Muravitsky, Elena Karpova, Nikita Kudryavtsev, Dmitry Savchuk, Alexey Savchuk, Anna Budanova, Natalia Kolesnichenko, Julia Gorbatenko, Jelena Karpova, Evgenija Chetvertkova, Taia Savina, Kata Kubareva, Julia Rodina

Set Designer: Annette Kurz, Costume Designer: Irina Riabov, Lighting: Mark van Denesse, Choreography: Ted Stoffer, Music: Lothar Müller, Pavel Mikhejev, Executive Producers: Margarita Piantina

DIRECTED BY: Luk Perceval

Macbeth, the first play in Russia directed by the world-renowned Belgian director, Luk Perceval, was first performed in St. Petersburg by the company of the Baltic House Festival Theatre, involving excellent Russian actors, on May 30th 2014. This special performance was well received by the critics. The renowned co-producers of the director: the set designer, the choreographer, the composer – who also come from Germany – played their part in making possible the success. Perceval’s first Russian performance was amazing, a hypnotic sight of the passionate relationship between man and woman. The director has never presented Macbeth’s character from this point of view. The intimate love connection between man and woman, which is considered as taboo and is unpredictable, plays a key role in the tragedy. The love connection, which is powered by deep feelings at first, passes away fast later. Especially if also a third party steps in … In the play, this third party is the power. The lust for power, which will only be an attempt for the man to fill the vacuum created by the emptiness of a relationship. Then he tries to replace the only person who is important to him by the crowds of a million people subordinated to his power and thereby he destines himself to fail.

The Russian language performance of the Baltic House Festival Theatre (RU) with Hungarian subtitles.

Performance: July 11th, 2014, at 8:30 p.m.

The venue: Erkel Cultural Centre